SMTP Service API

Send email when you don’t have your own mail server. Using an SMTP relay service like Newsletter is the simplest way to get started sending marketing and transactional emails.


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Quickly Deploy Guarantee

Within Short times of updating your DNS records you'll be able to reliably send outbound SMTP email signed with DKIM and configured with DMARC. And we will Delivery Order with All Everything Get Ready for instant Mailing.

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Bypass ISP Limitations

While sending emails, you can use as many SMTP servers as you want. Number of threads and sending speed can be changed and customized —everything depends upon your needs.

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High Delivery Rates

We use email marketing best practices to obtain high delivery rates, focusing on the best ideas and implementing these in SMTP Wizard. In addition, the program supports an integrated SMTP server.

High Speed Delivery

High Speed Delivery, Anytime & From Anywhere With Our SMTP your emails will be sent out more quickly than ever, with any Internet Service Provider in the world.

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Step By Step Tutorials

Step By Step Tutorials Learn by video how to configure your mail client with SMTP and start sending out emails. It’s extremely easy and it takes just a minute!

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Spam & Unsubscribe Management

Spam & Unsubscribe Management You will be able to manage all soft and hard bounces, spam complaints, and delete the unsubscribed accounts.

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