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Web SMS allows you to send SMS messages from your computer using our web Applications. gives you control over sending individual SMS, bulk SMS, segmented targeting and a suite of other powerful business-building communication tools.

When to use the Web App

Log in and manage your SMS sends from any internet-enabled device. The advanced features make this the go-to app for businesses wishing to manage multiple accounts.

Bulk SMS API for your Business

Connect your application with our Bulk SMS API and start sending SMS today.

What is an BULK SMS API?

Bulk SMS API is a platform that provides a link to all kinds of software solutions and is the quickest way of sending transactional SMS to your clients. A bulk SMS service is a tool through which users can send text messages to phone numbers with the help of an SMS gateway. API

Our Bulk SMS API will literally open you the door to the world. Bulk SMS won't hinder your business activities anywhere around the globe.

Bulk SMS API Features

  •   Sender type

    Send SMS with short code, system number, own number or present yourself as a company with text sender. Configure sender ID profiles for each country separately for international campaigns.

  •   Message personalization

    Personalize your messages and build deeper relationships with your customers. They will appreciate that you know them.

  •   Reroute

    If you send a campaign with a sender type that is not supported in a particular country, it will still be delivered but with a default sender type.

  •   2-way communication

    Nowadays, two-way messaging with your customers is absolutely necessary. Customers don't just want to receive messages; they also want to communicate with you directly.

  •   Campaign schedule

    Schedule the time and date of your SMS campaign strategically, to get the most customer conversions for your money.

  •   All character support

    Activate Unicode and send text messages with all non-standard characters.

  •   Opt-out management

    Stay consistent with regulations. Bulk Gate automatically handles replies such as STOP and other opt-outs.

  •   Automatic number conversion

    We automatically convert all numbers in national format to international format according to the selected country.

  •   Remove duplicates

    Enable the option to remove duplicate messages to your customers and avoid unpleasant spamming

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