Outbound Dialer

Automate the dialing process with an intelligent and sophisticated outbound dialer.

What is an Outbound Dialer?

Outbound dialer is a system that automatically calls predefined lists of customers and play promotional messages, reminders, or one time passwords (OTP).

Newsletter Outbound Dialer lets you choose your sender, receiver and transmits your Voice message within minutes. We proffer you with the ability to upload a file containing the list of numbers to be called by our abundantly accommodating solution. Additionally, with our extensive reporting facility you can explore and analyze the performance of your campaign.

OTP Voice

Voice OTP is used to verify a mobile number. This verification is done by making a call to the mobile number & playing a sequence of digits. In order to verify the mobile number the user needs to confirm the played sequence of digits.

Voice OTP is commonly used to verify new user registrations in an app or website. Let us see a simple example of sending a Voice OTP.


Review the performance of your campaign using our detailed reporting mechanism. A report has following parameters

text message using websms
Total calls

It indicates the total number of calls made.

2 way message using websms
Successful calls

It indicates the total number of calls that were successfully connected.

whatsup message using websms
Failed called

It indicates the number of calls that were not successfully made.

voice message using websms
No-response calls

It indicates the total number of calls that were unanswered.

voice message using websms
Call Duration

It indicates the total duration of a call.

voice message using websms
Date & Time

It indicates the date and time on which the call was made.

voice message using websms
DTMF Input

It comprises of the input given by the customer during the call.

We make it easy to do business with us.

  •   Dedicated Client support

    With a dedicated team of experts, we provide you with dedicated support to solve all your queries

  •   Multilingual support

    Communicate using a language of your choice with Route Mobile’s Voice Broadcast/ OBD Dialler. All you need to do is record a voice message in your chosen language and upload the required file.

  •   Personalization with variable fields

    Add a flavour of your own with our feature that lets you personalise based on your requirements. While you decide your set of personalization, we take care of the minutest detail for you. Some parameters include name, number, user ID, birth date

  •   Customized and modular solutions

    You can now easily configure and integrate your existing system with other modes of enterprise communication such as SMS, IVR, and Missed call.

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