Transactional SMS

Use transactional SMS for your industry

OTP ( One time Password )

Secure online transactions with One Time Passwords.

Once a user has been registered with your Authy application and receives an AuthyID, you can now implement 2FA, password less login or protect an in-application high-value transaction. Using the Authy API, you can send one-time passwords over voice or SMS channels.

Comprehensive solutions for Two Factor Authentication
Quick delivery of OTPs via SMS

Authenticate new users

Let new users verify their phone to prevent spammers and bots from access to your platform and rule out bulk account creation.

Secure account logins

Protect your platform and accounts from data theft and let users sign in with an OTP via SMS at each attempt.

Safeguard transactions

Add an extra layer of security by implementing an OTP to verify accounts before users proceed with a transaction.

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